Ideas 💡

Zapier Integration

Display a Social Proof Widget when you receive a new followers on Instagram or Twitter

Popups Based on User Behaviour

Slack Integration

Add name field to email notification

Team members

Planned 📅

Google Analytics Intergration

Upsell Customers Widget

Multiple Languages Support

Email Validation Content Locker

Localization targeting trigger

In development 🛠️

Campaigns domains now will automatically work with "www"

Export data to JSON

New widget themes with rounded borders

More emojis to rate with

"Page Contains" Display Trigger for Notification

Use variables in the title of the notification for Latest Conversion

Send Data / Stats directly to user email

Deployed 🎇

Custom branding

Request Collector Notification

Informational Notification

Product Purchase Notification

Number Ratings Widget

Latest Conversions Widget

Emoji Rating Widget

Social Sharing Widget

Video Display Widget

Support Widget

Coupon Code Widget